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by Bethany-Kris Publication Date: July 9, 2018 Genres: Adult, Romantic Suspense, Organized Crime. Erotic Romance, Standalone



A shadow meets the light …

When someone needs to disappear, the Chicago mob calls on Joe Rossi. A man who can move without a sound, and kill without a word, they don’t call him the Shadow for nothing.

This time, it’s a New York crime family in need of his skills, but it takes one glimpse of her to make him agree to the job.

Liliana Marcello is every inch a principessa della mafia. Her life has taught her to be wary of strangers, yet her ballet career contradicts everything by putting her on display.

It’s a man with a dark smile and a constantly changing demeanor that makes her feel safe again, but it’s the unknown that holds her back.

It takes one look … One dance … One word … One smile to captivate a man.

And one second to kill a woman because of it, too.


Captivated was a sexy and suspenseful story that completely blew me away. Bethany-Kris is absolutely brilliant in this genre and she proves it once again with Joe and Liliana's story, weaving together heartfelt and emotional romance with just the right mix of suspense and angst.

Bethany-Kris writes her characters so well, bringing their feelings emotions to life through her words. I loved the way Joe and Liliana came together; the sweet, sheltered ballerina and the deadly enforcer known as Shadow. The pull between them was fierce from the moment they laid eyes on each other, and only grew stronger as the story went on. Liliana wasn't a typical mafia princess; she had her own dreams and ambitions apart from her family. She was a great mix of softness and strength. I love all of this author's heroes, but I have to say that Joe Rossi is currently sitting at the top of my list. He was such an intriguing man, cold and ruthless and fiercely loyal. Yet there was another side to him that he showed Liliana, one that was sweet and funny and charming. His affection for her was positively swoon-worthy. I enjoyed the different facets to his personality, and I especially loved the single-minded protectiveness that he displayed where Liliana was concerned. The tension between them was so well-written, and the intimate scenes were H-O-T. Joe in the bedroom was a special kind of treat for the reader. He and Liliana complimented each other perfectly, and the sex between them got hotter and hotter with each scene. The connection they forged went way beyond the physical, and the author really made me believe in this couple and their feelings for each other.

The storyline was incredibly well done, and I especially enjoyed the build up to the suspense that took place later in the story. The author did a great job with a topic that affects so many victims, silent and otherwise. The mafia elements worked perfectly with the romance, adding to the depth and intensity of Joe and Liliana's story. I loved reconnecting with the Marcello family again, as well as the Rossi/DeLuca family. Bethany-Kris has created such an amazing fictional world with these characters and their stories, spanning from New York to Chicago to Toronto, and it's really great catching up with all of the characters I love from the other books. Captivated is by far one of my top reads so far this year, and I cannot wait for more of these fantastic mafia stories from Bethany-Kris.

Not all monsters hide in the shadows. How are you supposed to see them coming?



Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother to four young sons, one cat, and two dogs. A small town in Eastern Canada where she was born and raised is where she has always called home. With her boys under her feet, snuggling cat, barking dogs, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something … when she can find the time.

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