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Title: Hold You Against Me
Series: Stripped
Author: Skye Warren
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 31, 2016


From New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren comes a sexy new novel in the Stripped series…

Once upon a time the daughter of a mafia king fell in love with a foot soldier. This fairy tale didn't have a happy ending. My sister and I barely managed to escape alive, and we've lived in relative hiding ever since. I'm safe now, but I can never forget the boy who gave his life to save mine. Except there's a chance that he's still alive. And he's fighting a war. Even knowing the risks, I have to find him. I have to find some way to protect him, the way he protected me. But he isn't the boy I left behind. He's a violent man. A criminal. And he's been waiting for me--the final pawn in a dark game of survival and love.


Skye Warren delivered another amazing book in the Stripped series with Hold You Against Me. Warren's writing is filled with intensity and emotion that brings life to the story and its characters. Gio and Clara's story is a passionate, thrilling, and darkly delicious ride that left me breathless until the very end. Clara escaped the stifling mafia life she grew up in with the help of Gio, a son of one of her father's foot soldiers. She has believed him to be dead for years, only to find he is very much alive and is ready to reclaim his place in her life. The storyline was a gripping one, with just enough suspense and romance to keep me on the edge of my seat. Having read Tough Love, the novella that introduces Gio and Clara, I couldn't wait to see how things would change between them once they reconnected.

Warren did such a great job with both of these characters. Clara is someone who never truly found her place in life after escaping her past. She holds on to Gio's memory with an iron-like grip, and although she appears on the surface to have moved on, there will always be a gaping hole in her heart that he left behind. She is stronger than she gives herself credit for, but her greatest weakness will always be Giovanni. Gio is drastically changed from the boy he was, and his life experiences have hardened him, making him ruthless, cold, and calculating. Warren wrote his character in such a fascinating way, and with each page I was yearning to learn more about him and the man he has become.

"I'm someone else now, someone darker. Someone you don't want to know."

Even with his agenda in place, Gio couldn't conceal his fierce protectiveness of Clara. I loved the push and pull between them. No one can create tension between two main characters like Warren can, and that tension always culminates in some highly charged and unbelievably erotic sex scenes. Gio and Clara coming together was an explosion of epic proportions, and each encounter only got hotter and hotter.

"It feels like I'm on fire from the inside out, flames of need licking my body on the inside, the heat and pressure of him from the outside. And the worst part is how I want to give in, to let him scorch me."

The suspense level in this story was high, but that did not overshadow the romance that was taking place. The connection between the two of them had only strengthened over the years, and no time or distance could diminish the intensity of their feelings for each other. I loved how dedicated they were to each other even during their separation. No one could affect Clara like Gio could, and no one could hold a candle to Clara in Gio's eyes.

"I think there could be a million different incarnations of you, and I'd fall in love with every single one."

The storyline that the author weaved was full of action and intrigue, and the encounters between Gio and Clara are emotionally charged and full of angst. They had some big hurdles in their path, both with each other and from outside forces, and they had to fight for their happiness. The epilogue was beautifully written and emotional, wrapping up this epic love story in the most perfect way. I am so sad to say goodbye to this amazing series, which will forever be one of my favorites.

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Skye Warren is the New York Times bestselling author of dark romance such as Wanderlust and Prisoner. Praised as a “true mistress of dark erotica”, her books have been featured in Jezebel, Buzzfeed, USA Today Happily Ever After, Glamour, and Elle Magazine. She makes her home in Texas with her loving family, four dogs, and one evil cat.


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