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Fairy Tale Bastards Book 1
by Bella J

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Nicholas Blake is your typical class A, rich bastard who loves getting what he wants. He’s spoiled, selfish and enjoys all the lavish pleasures life has to offer—especially those that involve women and getting naked. Nicholas’ life is just damn near perfect. But one night out on the town with his friends and everything changes. One encounter with a stripper in stilettos who fittingly calls herself Cinderella, and his life suddenly doesn’t seem so goddamn perfect anymore.

As if that isn’t enough, there’s also Emma, the new maid in his father’s mansion that immediately piques his curiosity with her sweet smile and blue-green eyes. He finds himself drawn to her and wants nothing more than to seduce her into his bed, to make her his. But he just can’t seem to stay away from the stripper that makes him burn in ways he never knew possible.

The more he starts to care for Emma, the stronger his obsession grows for Cinderella.

Insane? Absolutely.

Twisted? Yes.

Completely screwed up? Hell yes.

A decision needs to be made; he needs to choose. But will Nicholas be able to make that choice when he finds himself all tangled up in a giant cluster of love, lust and stilettos?


I absolutely love modern day twists on fairy tales, and this story was one that I loved from start to finish. Stiletto Secrets was full of steamy sex, intrigue, angst, humor, and above all, a beautiful love story. With fantastic writing and a storyline that drew me in, I found myself finishing this book in one sitting.

The author did a wonderful job with the characters of this story, each one with their own unique characteristics that had me wanting to learn more about them. Nicholas is filthy rich, arrogant, has the world at his feet, and is a complete manwhore. His perfect existence is thrown off axis when he encounters not one, but two intriguing women who knock him off his feet. Then you have Emma, someone who was dealt a crappy hand in life, and does what she has to in order to support herself and her younger sister, Lizzy. I absolutely loved Emma's character. She didn't allow herself to be beaten down by life, and her and protectiveness over her sister was so admirable. Instead of wallowing in grief, she remained strong and found a way to keep the both of them above water. The character development was terrific, and
as a reader I felt for Emma and Nicholas and their individual struggles.

The supporting characters in the story were great too. I loved Hunter and Adam, Nicholas' closest friends, who had a great dynamic together. Pretty much every scene that Adam was in had me laughing at loud at his antics and the things that would come out of his mouth. Lizzy was wonderful too, and the close bond that she shared with Emma really was a great one, considering their difficult past and the heartache that they had gone through since they were kids.

I loved the unique quality of the storyline, and that is what kept me hooked while reading. It was evenly balanced with emotion and sexual energy, and much like Nicholas, I found myself being enjoying his encounters with Emma as much as I enjoyed the ones with the mysterious stripper. Nicholas' encounters with the dancer he meets in a strip club are brimming with sexual tension. He finds himself drawn to her and the mystery surrounding her, so much so that he keeps coming back for more. This woman turns him on like no other, and he finds that he cant get enough of her presence. As the same time, he finds himself pulling closer to the sweet and beautiful Emma and wanting to get to know her, which is something completely out of character for him, a self-proclaimed womanizer. I loved the scenes with the two of them. These were two individuals who were leading vastly different lives. While Emma struggles for survival, Nicholas has everything handed to him on a sliver platter, yet the two of them bonded almost instantaneously. As feelings began to intensify and hidden truths begin to fester, all the players involved in the story find themselves caught in a tangled web that threatens their future.

The way the author wrapped up the story was brilliant. The ending couldn't have been more perfect. I cannot wait for the rest of the books in this series. This author has serious talent, and I look forward to seeing what she has in store for her readers next.




“How does it feel, Mr. Blake?”
How does it feel? What kind of a fucking question was that? Nicholas was on the verge of losing control, and that was a new feeling for him, and he didn’t like it one little bit. Nicholas needed to take back the reins, somehow.

“I’d be in a much better position to answer that question when you loosen these cuffs.”

Abruptly she scooted up, applying more pressure to his groin. Nicholas bit his lip. “Nice try. But you know the rules.”

“The one thing I know about rules, Cinderella, is that they are at their best when broken.”

A warm, soft cheek hovered close to his, teasing him with a feel. “Here in my booth, rules are meant to create more pleasure,” she murmured into his ear, and he kind of wished she would trace her tongue up his neck. Just the thought of what her tongue would feel like against his skin—wet, warm and divine, made everything below his hips throb.

Unable to take it any longer, he jerked forward, wanting to get closer, to taste those lips he could only imagine would taste as delicious as her voice sounded.

She jerked back. “Na-ah. That kind of behavior just won’t do, Mr. Blake.”

“I happen to think that bad behavior is the best kind in situations like these,” he whispered, his voice matching her allure.

She gave another powerful thrust, causing him to throw back his head and groan in the back of his throat. “And what kind of situation is this exactly, Mr. Blake?”

Nicholas took a breath and lifted his head again. “The kind where a man and a woman are both extremely turned on, and have the means to help each other out.” He felt her long fingers lace through his hair at the back of his head, and he involuntarily leaned a little into the touch. God it felt good, her nails softly tracing against his scalp.

“Are you turned on, Mr. Blake?”

“What? You can’t feel that? I say, Cinderella, that if I didn’t know otherwise I would have been offended by that question.”

She abruptly tightened her grip in his hair forcing his head back slightly. “You have a smart mouth, Mr. Blake.”

“I can show you what else my mouth is good for, other than my wise-ass remarks.” “I’m sure you can.”


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