Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Faking It by JD Hollyfield ~ Review

Review ~ Faking It by JD Hollyfield

Kathy's Review

Ok, this book was a very pleasant surprise. I'm totally new to this author. I don't even usually read this genre only because I'm not a heart and flowers girl. I mean, I'm all for HEA or at least HFN, but I read darker books, making the journey to the happy ending even better. I only signed up for this one because I was asked to participate and I do try to accept requests because helping Indie authors is the reason I started my blog. I went in just hoping it would keep me entertained enough so that my attention would not wander. Oh my, I was more than entertained. I laughed until I had tears, lots of them. I really didn't like Lexi, like at all, in the beginning and I became worried that I was not going to finish. Then she made me laugh hysterically so, she became tolerable even with her annoying arrogant, stuck up attitude. Then as the story unfolded, I not only liked her but sort of identified with her. Same problems, different ways of way of dealing.

And then there is Hunter James. Sign me up to be his obsession any time. I'm all in.

Thankfully it was not all hearts and flowers. No, its not dark, not even grey, but Lexi faces lots of obstacles and deals with more conflict than anyone should have to. There were times that my heart hurt for her. Then there were those times that I couldn't even read because I was laughing so hard. The ending is one that gives you full body chills. The story kept my attention so well that I read it in one sitting. Late at night, or rather early AM. I could not put it down because something was always happening, causing me to keep reading for "just one more chapter." I'm sure you all know what I'm saying. I don't discuss content in my reviews because then you wouldn't need to read the book and trust me when I say that you NEED to read this book. Its funny, its sad, its a feel good book...So yeah, you should one-click now. I'm recommending this book, me, who generally does not like straight contemp. romance, and that is a huge testament to the quality of this book and tells you how good it is. One click now.

The writing is flawless, the dialogue is perfect, the plot and characters are well developed. The characters are believable. The continuity is EXCELLENT, a rarity for me lately so thank you, JD Hollyfield for that. The author's writing puts you in the story, causing you to feel, which is what we want when we read. Very impressive. I recommend this book and this author

Happy Reading!

Thanks to JD Hollyfield and Southern Belle Promotions for this opportunity

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