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Reckless by Franca Storm Review




Neil “Ax” Barron walked away from the Black Thorns MC two years ago. Now he’s back as Vice President for one reason: to take out the President of ruthless rival club, the Devil’s Mavericks. A sadistic, soulless man who is also his father. Ax has his orders to carry out his mission covertly so Black Thorns isn’t thrust into open war. But when he meets his contact—a ball-busting, smart-mouthed woman—he quickly realizes he’s got his work cut out for him.

Roxana James hates bikers and a relationship is the last thing she wants. Settling down is her worst nightmare. No man will tame her! She’s content on her own and she’s done well for herself. Until a rough, dirty-talking biker turns her world upside down. He challenges everything she’s ever known.

Together they break down one another’s walls. Two opposites really do attract. The fiery connection between them quickly evolves into much more, despite resistance from them both.

But with so many forces aligned against them and Rox determined not to become part of Ax’s club life, is there really a place for their love? Or will the sacrifices needed for them to be together, come at too high a price?

Reckless by Franca Storm is the first book in her Black Thorns MC Romance. Although this is a series, this first book is a full length novel that can be read as a stand alone but trust me, you'll not want to stop with this one. I'm already bugging the author begging for the next book, not because of a cliffhanger because there isn't one, but because I want more Black Thorns.
Much more and soon!!

I love books with twists and turns and shocks that come out of nowhere and smack you in the head and this book has lots of them. Just when I thought I knew what was coming next...SMACK and OMG!! I stayed on the edge of my seat gripping my kindle so hard I'm surprised it didn't crack. The only reason I didn't start and finish Reckless in one sitting is because I feel asleep. Honestly, this is one of those books that you can not put down nor do you even want to because you just have to see what is going to happen or be revealed next.

Franca Storm's writing is utter and complete perfection. There are no mistakes...NOT ONE. Her writing is such that it pulls you into the story and blends the reader in with the characters so you feel every emotion they feel. Oh, the emotions I felt while reading this book. For me, that's the definition of a great book. A great book makes you FEEL. Reckless is full of raw, angsty, gritty, joyful and sad emotions. It's a tragic love story. It's a MC story. It's a story of lost souls finding one another and learning that they are indeed capable of love. But, most of all, it's a story about sacrifices that we make to keep our one and only love of our life safe. How far would you go to ensure this? How much would you be willing to go through, how much would you hurt, to ensure this? Curious? You'll have to one click to satisfy that curiosity because I never ever discuss content to avoid spoilers because that would ruin it for you and this book is too good to be ruined.

The author uses dual POV in this book and I believe she is one of the best, if not the best, at mastering this writing technique. The POV alternates without interrupting the flow of the story. There is never any confusion about whose POV is being used. But that's just the beginning. The author impressed me with the different personalities coming through her writing. The different characters are separate and unique individuals. They act and even talk differently. It's as if there were two different authors. GENIUS!!

One of the things I liked specific to this MC book is that things happened as you would expect in real life. It's not always pretty, but it's real. That's as far as I'll go to avoid spoilers.

Reckless is well written. The characters are well developed and unforgettable. The plot is well developed and progresses effortlessly even with the twist and turns. The dialogue is clear without confusion and actually differs between characters. The story flows beautifully, keeping the reader totally engrossed. There is no cliffy but rather an ending that is appropriate for the circumstances in the story. You could stop at this book but you will not want to. It's obvious that there is a lot more story to tell but in regards to the plot of of this specific book, the reader is not left hanging. I could say more. I WANT to say more, but I just can't take the chance of ruining this story for you. Just one click, hold on for one twisty ride and you'll understand what I'm trying to say but failing miserably.

Oh, and there are some really hot sex scenes, but it's not the focus of this story.

I highly recommend this book. After reading Reckless by Franca Storm, I highly recommend this author and every book she has written and will write in the future. As a blogger I suggest that you one click now.

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