Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review for Rough by Skye Warren


Rough, by Skye Warren in the first book in her Chicago Underground Series. It is a dark romance, and Skye Warren is the Queen of this genre so this book does not disappoint! Allie is broken from a rape as a teenager by someone she trusted more than even her father. She has no faith or trust in men and even less faith in herself. She meets Colin and even though she can't understand why, he not only wants her but he wants to give her a better life, something she feels she doesn't deserve. And so the erotic dance of the dark begins.

Colin is quiet and mysterious. I'm sure he has secrets that when revealed will leave us in shock because that's the way of this amazing author. I can't wait for the next book to come out to learn more about this quiet, mysterious alpha male.

Skye Warren can weave a dark tale like no other. Her writing and magical use of comparisons pull you into the story and demand you feel the emotions of her damaged characters. Allie is totally lost. She is full of self hatred and self abhorrence that will totally gut you. Lacking any self confidence, she's not able to see her strengths and she has many. There was a lot I could identify with in her character and I'm sure every reader will be able to do the same.

One of this authors many talents is to weave humor in with the dark issues and she's done so in this book. I don't discuss content to avoid giving away spoilers so you'll have to one click and experience yourself. I laughed for five minutes straight at one "scene." Allie often made comparisons between how children see thing and how adults see the same things. This also provided several LOL moments.

The book does have a cliffhanger but it doesn't gut you and the book should be out soon. It's is, as always with Skye Warren books, very well written with exquisite writing that make you feel. The plot is well developed and flows effortlessly. The reading pace flows smoothly with nothing that causes confusion. The dialogue is flawless.  I recommend that you one click now. I recommend this book, this author and every thing that she has written.

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