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Review for Mercy by Lucian Bane

                                           Review for Mercy by Lucian Bane
Review from Just Let Me Read
~Kathy N~


Oh Wow! I'm really not sure where to begin. This book took me completely by surprise. I love dark reads but this one goes beyond dark for me because of the memories the author warns about in the blurb. The subject of those memories is difficult to read so I'm thankful that the author told his story in a way that didn't go into a lot of detail. I can handle just about anything with two exceptions. Bad things happening to children and animals bother me. These broken characters suffered horrible things as children but it was all good because the author focused on the present more than the past. The past was only mentioned so that the reader had a full understanding of why Mercy and Sade were so broken.

I loved this book. Even with all the books involving human trafficking available, this one was original. I've never read one done in this way. The writing was different but appropriate for this book to show the characters' personality. It drags you into the story and makes everything feel real which in turn makes you feel everything. Prepare to experience different types of emotion because this book absolutely demands it. I'm an avid reader but I experienced something new with this book. The author used dual POV and did so in the most talented way I've ever seen. His writing style was genius. The personality in each person's POV is distinct and different from the other yet consistent to the specific character. It's as if two separate people wrote each POV. Absolutely brilliant.

I love when there is humor in a book because when a book makes you laugh it engages you. When it engages you it feels real. When the story feels real the reader is going to feel emotion and THAT is an awesome book. There are several LOL moments in this book. The banter between Sade and Mercy had me in tears at times from laughing so hard. It's pure talent when an author manages to fit laughter in with the other intense, raw emotions present in a dark book. I've only ever seen this done by one other author and she is the Queen of darkness. Very well done Mr. Bane. Once again I'm impressed.

If you one-click this book, and you should one click now, don't get comfortable because you will be on the edge of your seat throughout the book. Ah, the twist and turns are exciting. I usually at least know the surprises are coming, and most of the time have them figured out but not this time. I was blindsided by this very talented author many times. I promise that by the time you finish this book your mouth will be hanging open in shock. Oh, Lucian Bane, you got me good. I can not wait to travel your twisted road in the next book. Yes pun is intended. I don't talk about content in my reviews to avoid spoilers and this is why. Curious? Great! My suggestion is to one-click now.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the hot factor but I'm not spending a lot of time doing so because this is a male author who is happily married. Nope. Not going there. Sex sells books so trust me, there are some very hot scenes throughout the book. I love it when the couple meets and don't fall into bed together immediately. Sex isn't required to create steamy moments and well, let's just say this author demonstrates how well he knows that.

The characters are well developed and very unforgettable. The plot is well developed and flows effortlessly through the delicious twists and turns. I was impressed with clear and concise writing that flowed smoothly without any stuttering caused by overuse of commas and pronouns. The dialogue was flawless. There is never any confusion although the author spoon feeds you information to heighten the suspense. There is a cliffhanger but the next book in this series will be available this month.

If you are OK with dark content, you really should one click now. I've read other books by this author that were very good, but this has to be his best thus far. I'm anxiously awaiting the next book in this duet. I can saw with total honesty that I recommend this book, this duet and this author.

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