Saturday, April 4, 2015

My review for Nailed by Needa Warrant

OK. I'm not sure how to do this without babbling because I have no words. Seriously, I have nothing. I've been sitting here staring at my device waiting for the words to come but...nothing. I've always thought I had a good vocabulary but I'm lacking the words to describe how amazingly good this second book in Bound for Hell MC series is. I used all typical adjectives for the first book, Wild Child, but they would not fit here. That first book was a five star read and I was blown away by this new author but this second book, Nailed, is even better. I don't know how she got better when she was already the best in this genre, but Needa Warrant pulled it off like the pro she has proven to be.

I love that this book felt real even though it's a continuation of a fictional story, or rather fictional stories. Not everything is hearts and flowers in the book, but honestly, everything is not all hearts and flowers in real life and I imagine that is especially true for MC life. I know it's fiction. It's our escape. It's my escape and those who know me realize how much I need that escape. But I also I need that escape to be true to the situation I'm reading about in order to elicit genuine feelings and that is where this book and this author excel. The reader feels the characters' pain, fear, sadness, joy and happiness. I got chills and cried several times while reading this book. When a book has that affect on me, it's an amazing book. As you are reading you feel like you are part of the storylines in the book so don't plan on walking away. I read this book in one sitting and by one sitting, I mean the entire book from front cover to back back cover without getting anything done. This was many hours of sitting and reading with only occasional, short breaks because it is a full length novel. I just could not put it down. It's 100% story with absolutely no filler.

There is a lot going on in the book and I like that. It's about a MC so there should be a lot going on. It's a club of bikers so yes, there are several things occurring at the same time. That's expected. People within a group don't meet someone and fall in love or not one at a time. It's not like OK, you had your time so it's my turn now. You don't wait in line waiting for your turn for life to happen. Life happens when life happens and in a group of people it's going to happen to people at the same time. So yeah, the book has a lot going on, but I wouldn't expect it to be any other way. Way to go Needa Warrant.

Here's another thing that is different from typical MC romance books. It's about a MC and that's what you get with this book, series and author. You get romances occurring in the club and you get the things happening to and with the club and other members. It's not just a romance with the MC merely as a backdrop or the setting. You get it all. You get everything about the club, how it affects the members and the impact it has on their relationships, both new and existing. Again, with all this, it feels real which in turn causes real feelings, and lots of them. There are a lot of emotional moments in this book. I can't elaborate because to do so would be to give away spoilers and I never do that. You'll have to one click to get the details and I highly recommend you do now. Just trust me, there are some really touching, emotionally charged scenes that will give you chills and cause your eyes to at least fill with tears...

There are men in this book. Actually there is a club of bikers so of course there is sex in this book so you'll not be disappointed. Is it hot and steamy? Well, I think by definition, sex with a bad a!! biker is hot and steamy so yes to that. And here is another of my favorite things about this book, author and series. Even the sex scenes are real. Yep, there's that word again...REAL. No one leaves the universe or passes out from pleasure and....wait for one smells or taste like strawberries, honey or anything else utterly ridiculous. REAL. None of the men say to their woman, during the intensity of sex, "eyes to me" nor do they do growl, "give me your eyes." LMAO... Some of you will recognize that for what it is and are now literally LOL. I just couldn't stop myself. Although meant as a private joke, it's true because really. How many times does that happen in real life? Not once. REAL...

Nailed is the second book in the Bound For Hell MC series by Needa Warrant. I think the author refers to it as a stand alone and she does well with giving the information needed to prevent confusion if starting with this book. I'd have to wonder why you'd want to start with this one and I don't recommend it. You're just going to want to go back and read Wild Child and starting at the beginning will just enhance your enjoyment of this book. There is not a cliff hanger. It does set up for the next book which I'm ready for now by the way. The ending is absolutely awesome. The book is well written and there are no times when there is any confusion. The dialogue was flawless. The plot was well developed and flowed effortlessly. The characters were well developed, believable and you connect with them immediately. It's still very difficult to believe that this book is from a new author. Its a full length novel at an affordable price. The POV changes between characters and is done in a way that leaves no confusion. I love it when authors do this if it's done correctly and this author does it correctly.

Be sure to make room on your list of book boyfriends for several more. There are several to choose from in this book. Just stay away from Jersey. He's taken because he's mine!! LOL... Now that I'm done rambling, you may and should one click now. I very highly recommend this book, series, and author.

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